Hogencamp Family

Hey Friends,

So can I just say how excited I am to write my first post about a photo shoot, because I really am excited. This past Sunday I had my first non family, non friend photo shoot. I had gotten and email a few months ago from a woman named Lynnel asking about a special I was wanting to host. I guess I should tell you about it first. I wanted to have a family fun day in May where I was going to host a picnic and game day to kick of the summer I was also going to take family pictures for the families that came. Lynnel was the only one who seemed interested so sadly I had to cancel it. After publishing that I was canceling it, Lynnel had asked me if I was still willing to do pictures, I said of course and was also going to giver her the deal I had advertised for the picnic. Problem was, I was going away for 9 weeks to do an internship in Philly for school, so after long discussions we decided on a date. It wasn’t until after we decided that I realized that, that was the same day I was going back to school. I didn’t mention it or even change the date I just moved the time I was going to leave so I could¬†accommodate¬†her time schedule.

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