Being Sick is Not Fun

Hey Friends,

I really hate getting sick even when its just a cold. Well I felt fine all last week but then all of a sudden this past Saturday I started feeling bad. I was at my little sisters last band competition of the season and my lower back started hurting. I didn’t think anything of it I thought it was just a normal back pain that I sometimes get. It was cold out too and with my circulation problem I thought that is what made it hurt worse. Johnny sat there and rubbed my lower back to try to give it some relief but it barely helped. After the competition Johnny took me back to school and we were sitting there watching movies, and the pain just kept getting worse. I went and took a shower and collapsed because the pain got so much worse. Johnny called my mom and they made the decision that Johnny was going to take me to the ER.

The pain was so bad I could hardly walk so Johnny practically had to carry me everywhere. When we got there they put me in a wheelchair and wheeled me into the room so I could give them information. Then they had to take me to the room, took some blood samples and gave me pain meds. I felt horrible because Johnny was there taking care of me and the look of worry in his eyes made me want to cry. With the medicine they gave me I got really loopy and right about then is when they took me to get a CT of my stomach. I got back to my room and Johnny was right back by my side. He didn’t leave me all night. We waited for the results and I was sleepy. When the Dr came in he was not very happy. Apparently I had a really bad bladder infection…one that I should have noticed but I didn’t. The numbers were high I didn’t know what it meant but Johnny did. According to the Dr if I didn’t come in now it could have been very bad. I am so thankful for Johnny taking me to the ER, if he wasn’t here I probably would have just stayed in bed took some advil and gone to bed. But he took care of me from the beginning and let me sleep Sunday which was nice. I am now trying to get over it I am on antibiotics and pain meds and I have to stay relaxed. They said the stress I have been under didn’t help any so now I just gotta take care of myself. Well I will let y’all now how I am feeling later after the week of antibiotics.

❤ Holli


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