Hogencamp Family

Hey Friends,

So can I just say how excited I am to write my first post about a photo shoot, because I really am excited. This past Sunday I had my first non family, non friend photo shoot. I had gotten and email a few months ago from a woman named Lynnel asking about a special I was wanting to host. I guess I should tell you about it first. I wanted to have a family fun day in May where I was going to host a picnic and game day to kick of the summer I was also going to take family pictures for the families that came. Lynnel was the only one who seemed interested so sadly I had to cancel it. After publishing that I was canceling it, Lynnel had asked me if I was still willing to do pictures, I said of course and was also going to giver her the deal I had advertised for the picnic. Problem was, I was going away for 9 weeks to do an internship in Philly for school, so after long discussions we decided on a date. It wasn’t until after we decided that I realized that, that was the same day I was going back to school. I didn’t mention it or even change the date I just moved the time I was going to leave so I could accommodate her time schedule.

We spent the next few weeks emailing back and forth trying to get a feel for what she wanted, and where we could take the pictures. I am a college student so I am broke and cannot afford a studio so I am an outdoor photographer for the time being. We had looked everywhere in Meadville and couldn’t find a place that felt right. Then the day of the shoot came along and we still hadn’t chosen a place. Lynnel had mentioned something about train tracks and bam it hit me. In Cochranton down the road from where I live is a train track with old train cars right beside it, which would have made a great shot…if it were still there. Unknown to me while I was gone they had removed the train cars so I had lost all of my ideas. I was so nervous, and I felt so unprepared I had no idea what we were going to do, or how Lynnel was going to react to the fact that the cars were gone.

Then they pulled in. I stayed as calm as possible, which was very hard because not only was this my first client that I had never met before, but also all of my ideas had gone down the drain because the train was no longer there. We went towards each other and Lynnel introduced me to her family and for being my first family it was a large one. We had Lynnel, her husband Eric, three older boys Eric Jr. Alex and Cory, a little girl, Megan, and baby Kyle. Once the family unloaded and got to walking around me and Lynnel talked about what she wanted and what ideas she had and we just bounced ideas back and forth. Can I just say that this family was amazing for my first shoot, they were so laid back and had so many ideas that time flew.

My mom was my assistant for the day and she added her input also, and can I just say how thankful I was for that. She walked around the area and found great spots for pictures. She also kept baby Kyle grinning from ear to ear. After we did some standard shots of the family everyone had come up with an idea the three older boys were crazy they were willing to do anything. They even got into the water and started pretend fighting with sticks. Megan was so photogenic she was willing to do anything, we put her by the water and surrounded her with flowers which looked precious. My mom had brought a glass unicorn of hers and a shiny cowboy hat, and at the end of the shoot she asked me if she could have her picture taken with the unicorn and in the shiny hat and with the flowers. She also wanted to take pictures too. Kyle was just so happy, well for the most part. When he smiled it just brightened the whole experience.

The whole family was great with all of there ideas and everything. They also had some funny ideas that involved a tied up shirt and a large stick. It was just such a great first experience and if they let me, I really hope the come back to me with any other photography requests. Thank you so much Lynnel for allowing me the privilege of taking your family pictures.

❤ Holli


One thought on “Hogencamp Family

  1. Lynnel says:

    AWW!!! I was almost in tears, that was so heartfelt and sweet. I must say that we were totally lost because I was looking for the train cars and a little bummed they had been moved but once the ideas started flowing everything worked out. On the way down I was hoping the area you had mentioned was going to be a good setting, I prayed the rain would hold off and I was worried how the kids would do since this was our first outside experience. I must say the old bridge was perfect, the trees were great and the train tracks… awesome. I can’t wait to be the person that brags about how amazing their pictures turned out. I love the photos that you have posted and can’t wait to see the rest. We have a birthday coming up on Christmas Day, Kyle will be ONE and of course we will need pictures!!! (hint!! hint!!)
    We had a great time, we thank you very much for allowing us to be your first client and also for scheduling us in on a very busy day for you!
    Please tell your mom thank you for all she did and if she ever wants to get rid of that unicorn I have a little girl that will take it in a minute! 🙂

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