Hey Friends,

Well this is my first attempt at a blog ūüôā Yay I am getting out there. Well this last weekend has been quite a long one. I had to pack up for school which is quite a task and because of this I didn’t sleep at all Saturday night. When Sunday rolled in I went to church, which I haven’t been to in the 2 weeks I was home because of being tired all the time with the new meds I am on. I love church and hated missing it so since I was awake I was able to go. Well unknown to me my ex fiance was in from the army, and was there with a mutual friend. This was the first time I had seen him since he broke off our engagement new years eve. The whole entire time I was sitting beside him I really wanted to hurt him because he really hurt me, but I decided to be the bigger person and made small talk and such without showing that inside I was mentally punching him.. It was a very long day at church even though I was only there for an hour and 45 minutes because I had to leave early for a photoshoot (that I will write about in another post) ¬†I felt good being able to see him and keep myself calm. After he broke it off I was¬†devastated but then I found out that he was cheating on me so it made me think…Thank God I got out of that. I realized that I deserve much better then that was thankful for that realization. I know one day the right guy will come around but for now I am focusing on me, school and my business.

Speaking of school after my photoshoot I had to pack the car with my stuff (which was a task because even though I am only here for one more semester I had a lot of stuff and packed the van full, I over pack a lot because you never know what you will need) so my parents can take me back to good ole IUP. Which for those of you who don’t know what or where that is here is a tidbit of information. IUP stands for Indiana University of Pennsylvania located in yep you guessed it Indiana, PA which is an hour east of Pittsburgh, and a half an hour from Punxsitauny, PA. Indiana, PA is the home town of Jimmy¬†Stewart¬†who was one of the actors in the Christmas Film “It’s A Wonderful Life” aside from IUP Indiana takes pride in Jimmy Stewart so much that we have a museum and he even helps us college students cross the street. HA I mean his voice counts down how long we have it goes something like “this is Jimmy Stewart, you now have 12 seconds to cross the street” and then he counts down.

It takes me two hours to get to school, and car rides make me fall asleep but seeing as by the time I got there it would practically be time to go to bed and I already have insomnia so I didn’t want to be awake all night just for taking a nap. Especially because I had classes today. We didn’t here till 9ish. I was exhausted but needed to go to Walmart so since my parents had a car I asked them to take me…We were there for almost an hour so when I got back to my room not only was I tired I also had to unpack at least a little and also put¬†groceries away. So long story short about that subject is…I put my groceries away and unpacked just enough to go to bed…but that didn’t happen till midnight at least. So after being awake for over 36 hours…I was only going to get 9 hours of sleep. Great way to start your first day of classes.

I am so glad I only had two classes today because I was to tired to pay attention in anything. Classes today Child Development and also Animation. I took Child Development because in May I became a Godmother, to a beautiful baby girl Addison Elizabeth who happens to be my Best friend / sister at heart, Jessicas’ little girl. I was so honored when Jess asked me to be the Godmother, so Jess if you read this I love you and thanks so much for the honor and the¬†privilege of being apart of Addisons life. I also took it so I know how children grow so it will be easier to take pictures of them if I understand more.¬†I took Animation because it was a COMM elective and because I will admit I am an avid video gamer on my free time. Found out not only will we be learning how to make games but also just regular flash videos. We are working with a program that I have never touched before so I am a little nervous because I can be somewhat of a geek at times about technology, I like learning new things, but when I am learning for a grade it kinda intimidates me.

After classes I came back to my room and organized a lot so now my room looks like a room and not a storage closet. Only a few things wrong with my room, no AC so I have to keep the window open even though that doesn’t help much. Speaking of windows this brings me to my next point, my apartment is on the ground floor so right outside my window is the sidewalk so as I am working at my computer I can’t open the blinds because I really don’t like people staring at me as they walk by it also creeps me out when I am changing even with the blinds so I am hoping to get hooks for my curtain soon. Last point is that the apartment comes with this cool corner desk….well no its not a desk it is a corner table…no drawers or anything so no storage for anything….also the room came with no desk chair, so as I am writing this I am sitting on one of my empty tubs that I brought my dishes in. It is not very comfortable and really hurts my back. Oh and the dresser is tiny and barely fits any of my clothes so I have to go get more hangers to hang up practically all of my shirts and hoodies so I have more room for pants and such, so most of my clothes are in a tub in my closet because I just don’t have the space.

Well this was longer then I thought I could even make it. I think a good¬†attempt¬†at my first blog. Hoping for more to come I have a very busy final semester ahead of me but I will¬†defiantly¬†keep you all posted…

‚̧ Holli

First Day of Classes


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